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Janson Associates

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Kim Janson

President and CEO

Janson Associates

has worked successfully in the following countries:


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Kim Janson, President and CEO of Janson Associates, is an internationally known talent and organizational development expert, author and executive coach. With over 20 years working in more than 40 countries, she has developed deep expertise in helping individuals, teams and organizations reach tremendous success. Her direct style integrated in a respectful and friendly approach coupled with her deep understanding of a business has made her a very trusted partner.   Click here to read more


Welcome to Janson Associates!

There is nothing more powerful than helping people discover the greatness that resides within.  “Unleashing people’s potential”

is truly incredible work. Whether it be learning to work differently, facing relationship or team issues head on, learning how to lead people or a business, taking a skill to a new level or just gain confidence, the honor of helping people through their journey in life has fueled our fire for the last 20 years in several Fortune 500 corporations around the world.

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