Winner of the Axiom Business Book Award

The idea of unleashing people’s potential by giving them good input and stretching them to new levels can be very heady stuff. When you experience, as I have, the collective impact of everyone in an organization performing at the highest level and truly working TOGETHER, you would be amazed at what can happen when the constraints that organizations put on their own people are removed. The results can be extraordinary. 

— Kimberly Janson

Demystifying Talent Management offers practical advice for all managers, HR professionals, senior leaders, and other employees on how to work together to build a talented and motivated workforce. 

The book addresses performance, development, coaching, feedback, compensation, and other elements of people management. By taking a 360-degree point of view, the book reveals how each stakeholder views the elements of people management, what they need from each element, and what confusion and conflicts arise among the stakeholders, limiting people’s potential. Using simple, straightforward language, Kim Janson tells you how you can avoid the confusion and conflicts.

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"Over the last nearly 20 years of working with organizations of all sizes and industries, I have never been more impressed with an approach to talent management as I have been with the the systems that Kimberly Janson has installed.  Practical, insightful, simple and yet immensely effective; Kimberly's designs and her leadership have benefitted all levels of the organization.  She is an impressive professional and I am so glad she has shared her work so others can experience her models."

Dave Mitchell, Founder/President, the Leadership
Difference, Inc.

"Kim Janson takes the complex subjects of talent management and development and makes them simple, insightful, and replicable in Demystifying Talent Management. This book is a valuable resource for those that want to excel in managing and developing people."  


Bill Johnson, Retired Chairman, CEO, and President of
HJ Heinz Company

"As a CEO, I’ve read many books on developing people and managing better.  Kim Janson’s Demystifying Talent Management rises to the top because of the comprehensiveness and connectedness of the message and the simplicity in which it is laid out.  The book is powerful because it is a simple, straight-forward message for managers on what and how to do things for high impact." ​


Al Verrechia, Chairman of Hasbro

"In her frank and straightforward manner, Kim shares the “inside scoop” of what it takes to be successful as a leader and as an employee. This book provides a clear roadmap of how talent management really works.  The tools, quick assessments and reflection questions throughout the book combined with examples, specific instructions and stellar advice make this a book you will reference throughout your career.  This book is a must read for anyone looking to attain superior business results." 


Susanne Glaser, Director, Executive Coaching and Community Standards Liaison Executive Education Harvard Business School 

“Getting talent management right is an imperative to succeed in the marketplace today.  Kim Janson is an accomplished professional with an impressive track record of helping companies deliver practical, high impact talent management programs and processes.  In Demystifying Talent Management, she shares her insights and experiences. I recommend this book as a great resource to anyone looking to improve their talent management efforts.” 


Kevin Wilde, Chief Learning Officer General Mills Executive Leadership Fellow, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

"This book is fantastic! Kim’s thought leadership, expertise and extensive experience are reflected in the content of this book. She takes complex talent management concepts and makes them understandable and easy to execute. If you are a leader and follow Kim’s advice, you’ll build the talent required to fuel growth." ​


Jim Shaley, President, The Shanley Group, Former Head of Leadership Development and Staffing at Bank of America