You often hear the phrase “career development” bantered around quite a bit but what’s interesting is that it is often one of the most sophisticated concept for organizations and individuals.
Why? People have career, organizations don’t. People should clearly understand that the career planning process should driven and owned by the employees. Smart companies help and hold managers accountable to be strong supporting players but that’s merely an accelerant. If you have that level of support it’s still up to the individual.
Where we have helped. We’ve had a great deal of success in helping people determine how to have fulfilling careers. Our work ranges from high profile clients such as the former Director of the

Career Development

CIA to Executives at very large financial firms looking to move companies and countries to working within organizations to help individuals chart their path. We are often sought after in this work because it can be tricky for a number of reasons.

Managers often aren’t skilled in this area. It’s difficult for managers to do because they don’t want to make promises they can’t keep, they don’t think they are insightful enough to help or they feel threatened. Additionally, careers are not linear but often zigzag.  For these reasons and more, it is best for employees to be fully developed in the area of career development.  

How we can help you.

Here’s a sampling of how we could work together:

  • Lay out a profile of the skills, experience, and knowledge needed to be successful in a given role, map current competencies to that profile to determine the gap and craft a plan to close the gap
  • Help connect with people who are already in a desired role, interview those people about how they got the role, what the role is like, and what is needed to do to get there Brainstorm about constraints and help test out the reality and firmness of the constraints (including family, timing, geography, skill or knowledge areas, health, or other limitations.)
  • Conduct career development assessments to help determine interests and match
  • Be a partner in thinking through and planning regarding big questions: What types of responsibilities do I prefer? How and where have I been most successful?
  • Any strong preferences (likes and dislikes) that might factor into a future role?
  • Where can I go from here in my current organization?
  • I like my job. How do I stay here?
  • Why didn’t I get the last promotion?
  • What’s the biggest challenge standing in my way?
  • Is there anything people know about me that I don’t know?  

A Sherpa helping to navigate the terrain lets you travel farther faster. We can be that for you.

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