Changing Culture

Why. Our behaviors are based on our beliefs. For example, if we place a higher value on being productive/being involved in many things over the value of being on time, we may show up to meetings late because we have so much on our plate. We might not see being late as a big deal as compared to someone who holds being on time very important. Beliefs drive our behaviors.  When people come together and have a shared set of shared sets of beliefs, that’s what creates culture. For example, if being precise and on time is important to an organization, then an 8:00


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meetings starts at 8:00 not 8:05 or 8:10. The trick (often not done or done properly) for organizations is to come together and agree on what their beliefs should be so they then are able to create the culture they desire. Culture will develop with direct influence or by being unmanaged. Bad culture comes from unmanaged behaviors and unexpressed ideals layered over with a lack of accountability.
What we do. We are very skilled at helping organizations identify what is important to them and driving agreement in what those values are. We are also skilled at helping organizations operationalize those values into behaviors and tie them into many people processes such as performance management, individual assessment, recognition, etc.  We know how to create the right communications and the right cadence to communication to evolve an organization towards the desired culture. Additionally, we help managers get skilled at having tough conversations to address behaviors that are counter cultural. Our work can involve surveys, focus groups, interviews, large group facilitation, etc. at the front end and coaching, teaching and advising on the back end.
We are very proud and honored to be part of so many success stories that involved turning around cultures to make them their competitive advantage.


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