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Conducting Needs Assessments

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Why Needs Assessment. Often leaders know organizations need to improve but they don’t know where to start. A needs assessment is a powerful way to determine where you are, where you want to go and the road map that will get you there. It’s the best way to address areas of opportunities while minimizing time and cost. This work is about “going slow to go fast”.
Where we can help. Needs assessment involve working with key individuals in the organization to determine current state. This often includes interviews, focus groups and surveys. Trends are identified and summarized for analysis. Simultaneously, data is analyzed and discussions are had to determine where the organization is going. This can be in the form of strategy, organizational values, key priorities, etc.  Facilitating leadership discussions and decisions and creating communications to engage all stakeholders is a big part of this process. The real value comes in working with organizations to develop a plan to address the items that would help close the gap.
Uniquely Qualified. We’ve helped many institutions large and small. Much of this work started with a needs assessment. It’s the best way to determine the highest use of time and money and to realize the evolution you are looking to make happen. It’s a very special skill set that makes for a good needs assessment. You must be able to extract information from people, you need to be able to analyze data for trends, you need to be able to help envision where a company wants to be, you need to be strong at crafting communications, you need to be able to help leaders make decisions and you must be great at planning and executing a project.
We have the unique skills and deep experience that make needs assessment a core competence for Janson Associates.