Creating Strategy

determine the path. What is the market doing? What are the competitors doing? What are our unique market opportunities? What do we have as enablers? What are our headwinds? These plus many more are all various elements that you should wrestle with in crafting a strategic plan.
Our experience.
  Whether it be McKinsey Consulting or Vijay Govinjarajan, we’ve had the real pleasure of working with great experts along the way to develop our thinking and skillsets.
We’ve developed a strong ability to:

  • Create a strategic plan for a department or function
  • Work with a team to create a strategic plan
  • Implement a strategic planning process in an organization
  • Teach the skills and provide tools to enable organizations to develop strategic plans
  • Cascade a strategic plan to an operating plan
  • Sync up strategy with talent plans

We know what good looks like in this area and have produced it with many clients. Let us help take the complexity out of this important organizational tool.

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You wouldn’t get in a car to go somewhere without a plan in place that you wanted to go to and a path you were going to travel to get there. As obvious as it seems that an organization should have clarity on what they are trying to achieve in the next several years and a plan on how to get there, many don’t. Strategic thinking and creating a strategic plan is a higher level of work and a much needed skill for most organizations.
What. Good strategic plans requires: the ability to look at something from a systems level perspective, abilty to look longer term, ability to drive decision making and then channel that into a plan with good metrics. Essentially this work is about orchestrating a series of expansion and contraction exercise to