Custom Program Development for Executives

Where We Start. Our work is custom to your needs. We start with:

  • What are we trying to solve? What’s the business need?
  • Where are you going? What is the strategic plan or the strategic direction of the company?
  • What is the delta between where you are today and where you want to be?
  • When we are through, what is different? How do we know we have been successful?
  • Where, how and when do your leaders learn best?
  • What resources do we have to work with? Internal, external, travel options, budget, time, etc.
  • What are constraints or pitfalls that would limit the effectiveness of this work or get in our way that need to be managed?
  • Where is the sponsorship coming from? What role will/can the senior team play?

Experienced. We have tremendous experience having hosted programs in over a dozen countries outside of the United States and a program in nearly every state within the United States. Our CEO has been designing programs for the last 20 years. Our range of programs include programs featured on the cover of HR Magazine to a series of programs that changed how analysts viewed the leadership bench of a large global organization and caught the eye of Warren Buffet.
Components. Programs can range from a few days to a full year. Components include executive assessment, action learning teams, guest speakers, online work, large and small group lectures, etc. We build programs for individuals or for organizational levels (ex. All Director level). We provide our own facilitators, partner with your internal leaders or bring in experts to make the program the best match for your culture. A sample of world renown experts we have brought in have been: Kevin Lane Keller, Marshall Goldsmith, Richard Chang, Dave Mitchell, Vijay Govinjaragan, Syd Finklestein, David Lapham, McKinsey Consulting and many more. We integrate and leverage what is already occurring in your  organization, such as a leadership model or specific business challenges, to make it extremely relevant and applicable.
With our CEO being a facilitator and executive coach in many of Harvard’s most prestigious executive development programs, we are deep with ideas on how to help your executives be their best selves. Combine that with a large track record of results and we are ready to help you unleash the potential in your executive ranks.

Executive Development is in the sweet spot of what we offer. Developing Executives is different from working with other groups based on the complexity of their roles, the limits on their time and the often filtered experience executives have. We have over 20 years experience in building custom executive and leadership development programs. Our mindset is that there are not many things more exciting than a blank sheet of paper and a need.

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