We provide a range of support:
Creating the framework for a program
Creating the entire learning solution with participant materials, leader materials, etc.
Teaching others how to train the curriculum
Training the curriculum ourselves
Coaching post program
Measuring the impact
From start to finish, our solutions help develop skills and knowledge important to the organization. We utilize the major concepts in Adult Learning Theory and offer several mediums such as lectures, workshops, practice, online, etc. and make sure it is interactive and enjoyable.
Learning is a science in which we have deep proficiency. Let us help create something that works for you.

Developing Learning Curriculum

Janson Associates, LLC.

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The most powerful learning for people is that which is most relevant to them. Adults learn better when they can draw from their experience and apply it directly.
Expertise. With degrees in teaching, organizational development, business and over 25 years of practical experience developing learning solutions, we are terrific at creating curriculum. We’ve created curriculum for many clients in a wide range of content areas. We are very skilled at helping leaders become teachers but receive tremendous praise ourselves for our strong facilitation skills.

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