installed.  Practical, insightful, simple and yet immensely effective; Kimberly's designs and her leadership have benefitted all levels of the organization.  She is an impressive professional and I am so glad she has shared her work so others can experience her models." Dave Mitchell, Founder/President, the Leadership Difference, Inc.

​"Having worked closely with Kim at Hasbro, especially in building the Tuck Executive Leadership Program with her, she remains my top choice as a leadership development partner. Her book does a great job of taking the often confusing genre of managing or developing people and distilling the key ideas that if you use them will help make you a powerful leader." ​Alan Hassenfeld, Chairman, Executive Committee, Hasbro, Inc.

"Experienced based, story telling approach used to humanize the tools and techniques to effectively LEAD and DEVELOP top talent." Dave Woodward, Founder Woodward Leadership Ltd

"Demystifying Talent Management is a gem. Kim's straightforward, no-nonsense approach is refreshing. Very few can cut through the clutter and jargon like she can. Being an effective manager, particularly of top talent, is not easy. Kim provides simple, easy-to-use and intuitive tools and strategies to get the very best out of your people. If you want to build a high-performing team, this book is a must read." Steve Clark, Former CHRO Heinz

"Kim Janson takes the complex subjects of talent management and development and makes them simple, insightful, and replicable in Demystifying Talent Management. This book is a valuable resource for those that want to excel in managing and developing people."  Bill Johnson, Retired Chairman, CEO, and President of HJ Heinz Company

"As a co-worker and now client, Kim has been powerful in helping me drive the talent agenda in my companies. I’m excited to have deep knowledge captured in book form to be able to more widely and more quickly accelerate this knowledge in my company." Sonja Narcisse, SVP of Global Human Resources & CHRO

"This book is fantastic! Kim’s thought leadership, expertise and extensive experience are reflected in the content of this book. She takes complex talent management concepts and makes them understandable and easy to execute. If you are a leader and follow Kim’s advice, you’ll build the talent required to fuel growth." ​Jim Shaley, President, The Shanley Group, Former Head of Leadership Development and Staffing at Bank of America

“Getting talent management right is an imperative to succeed in the marketplace today.  Kim Janson is an accomplished professional with an impressive track record of helping companies deliver practical, high impact talent management programs and processes.  In Demystifying Talent Management, she shares her insights and experiences. I recommend this book as a great resource to anyone looking to improve their talent management efforts.” Kevin Wilde, Chief Learning Officer General Mills Executive Leadership Fellow, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

​"In her frank and straightforward manner, Kim shares the “inside scoop” of what it takes to be successful as a leader and as an employee. This book provides a clear roadmap of how talent management really works.  The tools, quick assessments and reflection questions throughout the book combined with examples, specific instructions and stellar advice make this a book you will reference throughout your career.  This book is a must read for anyone looking to attain superior business results." Susanne Glaser, Director, Executive Coaching and Community Standards Liaison Executive Education Harvard Business School 

“Demystifying Talent Management” is a must read for all leaders.  Kim Janson provides a wealth of practical tips for aligning talent to the right roles and insightful, how to strategies for managing and developing talent to help achieve greater business success!” Richard Chang, CEO, Richard Chang Associates, Inc. and Author of the Passion Plan and Performance Scorecards

"Kim is a very talented, very global executive who has been developing people around the world for the last 20 years. Her ability to simplify and her courage to communicate on any topic make her a great partner. This book opens the vault to Kim’s insight."​ Syd Finkelstein, Professor of Strategy and Leadership at the Tuck School of Business, and author of Why Smart Executives Fail

“Kim is a straight shooter and her book is written the way she coaches – direct, practical, and humorous. As always, she creates accountability for your own success in using her advice.”  Louise Korver, Head of Leadership & Executive Development at Ingersoll Rand, Bank of America, EMC and AT&T

"There is often times an air of mystic that swirls around conversations relating to talent and capability development in corporations. I have often wondered why this is. Picking the best talent for the Saturday football game or the next drama production seems at times to be so much easier than driving succession inside a large multinational corporation. Yet the results that both processes aim to address are the same, the best performance that is possible and ultimately, success. Finding a way to have the real conversations relating to talent, authentic and at times challenging discussions and in a way that breaks open the topic and targets clear, measurable and above all sustainable progress lies at the heart of demystifying the subject. Kimberley Janson has cracked the code, a skill that she has honed, applied and proven in a range of national and global corporations. To now have the opportunity to share in Kim’s practical and proven insights is a pleasure for leaders and students alike. For those that have grappled with this subject and are looking for the impetus to hone their own performance in this essential of all leadership area’s, or for those that seek to better understand how things really can and do drive results when the most effective of practices are understood and applied, Kim’s work is a must read. I know, I have been coached by, have benefited from and have seen Kim’s words translated into concrete actions and results!" ​Bryce Dyer, VP HR Clobal Consumer Supply Chain Glasko Smith Kline

"As an HR Professional, during my almost 30 years careers, I had the opportunity to work as HR Business Partner for outstanding Leaders in very successful multinational Company, but, every time I tried to get in place either a piece of activity or system linked to people, I received from them questions like : “Why do I need it ?”, “Are we overcomplicating the work?” “ How these different systems work together?” Finally, we have a  book that can address all these questions in a very simple and clear language that even “non HR Managers” can understand. The scheme that my good friend Kimberly Janson has created to summarize the activities related to managing and developing people is impressive: clear, simple and effective. At the time I was at the University, studying to become a mechanical engineer, I was talking to one of my Professor reviewing one of my drawing representing a complex mechanism made of gears and shafts. He looked at the drawing and he realized that something was not working well and said:  "It does not look nice ! If a mechanism looks nice, it works well !” Kim’s scheme about performance, development and coaching looks nice, is simple and it works well !! With the scheme in mind you can read the book and get a complete picture of how to successfully develop people and business. You can get at glance all the activities a Company has to put in place if Its Senior Leaders want to be successful and want to bring their employees at their peak ! That is what the book is about: helping people unleashing  their potential to achieve peak performance. I recommend it to HR Managers who are looking for a simple way to explain to their Business Partner how all the different HR activities work together, I recommend it to Senior Managers who want to understand the total picture of the people related system, I recommend it to people who want to learn either how they can be more successful or how they can better motivate their people." ​Valentino D'Antonio, Former HR Director Heinz Italy

 "As a CEO, I’ve read many books on developing people and managing better.  Kim Janson’s Demystifing Talent          Management rises to the top because of the comprehensiveness and connectedness of the message and the simplicity in which it is laid out.  The book is powerful because it is a simple, straight-forward message for managers on what and how to do things for high impact." ​Al Verrechia, Chairman of Hasbro

"Over the last nearly 20 years of working with organizations of all sizes and industries, I have never been more impressed with an approach to talent management as I have been with the the systems that Kimberly Janson has 

Unleash People’s Potential to Deliver Superior Results

Demystifying Talent Management