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Often paired with Executive Assessments are Executive Coaching Services.

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Camilo Garcia
Former Global Head of HR for R&D at Novartis Vaccines

"Insightful, versatile and compelling, Kim is unique in her ability to create impact on --and transform-- the leaders she works with.  She belongs in fact to a rare category of coaches, since she truly is a "leader of leaders" -- as recognized by her own clients. 


Kim's ability to work on a breadth of leadership topics, in a diversity of settings, is unparalleled.  I would genuinely recommend her to any organization that wants (needs!) to  make a significant step change in the depth of its leadership pipeline through the accelerated development of its top talent -- at any level."

CEOs and Boards of Directors across the world will tell you that identifying and developing top talent is essential to their business and that there is a significant gap in leadership strength in their bench.  We have an incredible ability to assess talent very quickly. By spending time with an individual, we can diagnose strengths and opportunities for improvement immediately. A very powerful service we provide is in creating executive assessment reports. These are typically written based on behavioral interviews with key stakeholders and the participant in addition to data integration from assessment instruments such as the Hogan Executive Assessment. These reports can be shaped and customized around a company's own competency model or key values. In the past, these reports have created breakthrough understanding and have catapulted executives, managers and individual contributes to significant achievements and career growth.