Why. It’s difficult to be successful at the senior levels for many reasons. The experience is not only full of complexity and challenges but it is also often filtered. It’s hard for executives to get an accurate perspective on how people are experiencing them because people are often worried about themselves or their own agenda and don’t want to risk falling out of favor that can come with being direct and honest. Additionally, because not many people are equal in organizational level to people at the top, having a sounding board becomes difficult. An executive coach is a great resource for leaders in organizations. In addition to fulfilling these needs, executive coaches often work with high potential employees to realize their potential and achieve success at getting to the next level. In a recent survey done by Stanford, nearly 100% of CEOs want an executive coach but only 1/3 have one.
How it works. Each engagement is different to ensure the experience is tailored to meet the needs of the individual. All engagements include the development of a leadership assessment report based on interviews with key stakeholders to help the executive understand how people are experiencing them. Meetings are in person, via skype or the phone. Meetings can be formal or informal. The mindset is it’s better to call and have a conversation even if it is 9:00 on a Friday night or 7 am on a Sunday morning if there is an issue we can help with vs need the help and not have it.
Why us? This is truly our best work. Our CEO, Kim Janson, especially has an awesome track record of success as an executive coaching. Working in so many companies around the world with so many CEOs and senior leaders has helped developed her judgment and strengthened her advisory skills. Coupled with very strong assessing and diagnosing skills as well as a direct, no-nonsense approach has made her and our other coaches extremely sought-after. She is hired to work with a CEO, a whole leadership team, high potentials or to help succession candidates get ready for the top jobs. She is often asked by Boards of Directors to sit with them for days to provide insights and guidance based on her coaching work. She has a strong client base in large public companies, private industry and many private clients as well. Her private clients range from the former Director of the CIA to helping a high-powered investment banker set up her own firm to a very senior executive change countries, industries and jobs and many more examples. In addition to her work at Janson Associates, Kim coaches’ CEOs and executives in Harvard’s most prestigious programs and is often by these executives to continue to work with them after they leave the Harvard program.
A common phrase heard is…” I wish I had met you and began working with you 20 years ago. I can’t imagine where I would be today if I had.” Executive coaching works. We’re stellar at it. Let us help change your world.

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Dave Woodward, 

Former Executive Vice  President of Heinz Europe 

"Kim is a tremendous coach with a selfless and courageous approach. Her sole interest is in helping others to truly optimize their potential. She has a unique and very powerful ability to hold a real mirror to an individual and groups, to help them really understand how to excel and then progress rapidly with tangible action plans. As importantly the process doesn't stop there, Kim's follow up and ongoing coaching is of the highest order ensuring that real talent gets unleashed."

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