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there. A big piece of the value we add is because we aren’t in the middle of the emotion of a team and can approach the need with a clear perspective.

Where We Help.

The work in fixing teams for those having challenges can involve:

  • A team effectiveness survey to determine how the team feels about its effectiveness
  • Helping a team manage through a specific conflict
  • Coaching the team members individually how to be their best and then the team collectively
  • Helping the team members understand style and how to work with different styles
  • Revisit purpose and create alignment
  • Establish management routines and roles to make the team more effective
  • Work to create trust
  • Help teams make decisions together
  • Address lack of accountability

We’ve had remarkable success working with teams at all levels to become a powerful leadership unit.

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Fixing Broken Teams

The Issue. A collection of individuals doesn’t make a team, they make a collection of individuals. The intent of a team is to have a degree of interdependency that is so strong that they are better because of being together.
Be Honest. Many times, existing teams don’t operate in that way and are quite simply are broken. Many leaders don’t want to acknowledge the problem or recognize how significant it is and more leaders have no idea how to go about addressing it. Often, we are so politically correct that we don’t want to say things are broken. If a chain is off the track on a bike, the bike is broken. If a team isn’t working like it should, it’s often broken. Facing the issue is the first step towards fixing it. No judgement or shame is involved only determining where you want to be as a team, agreeing where you are and problem solving what it will take to get