Work often gets done individually or in silos in organization. It’s difficult to have a perspective of everything that is happening. A result of this is organizations become complex. There is of redundancy. They become slow. They become inefficient. We tend to add work not replace it or change it. We rely on old ways of working rather than ask ourselves periodically “Is this the most efficient and effective way to do this?”
What we do. We work with teams and organizations to become much more efficient and effective. We determine what you are trying to achieve and how you are currently going at achieving it. Through analytical skills and clear thinking, we can examine and help reduce complexity. Objectivity and experience in helping organizations be nimbler give us an edge in helping you do this work.
How. By looking at workflows, hosting brainstorming sessions, conducting interviews, doing time studies, observing how the work is done, asking great questions and other techniques, we can provide a lens that is often different than that of the people doing the work.
Most people  can’t work any harder but this is a way we can help them work smarter.

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