diligence process to have a fast start. We help identify the right talent, shape the culture, determine new ways of working, develop high impact communications, define and cascade leadership expectations. We start with a cultural assessment so we can measure progress 90 days into the effort to be able to accelerate or course correct. We often do change management training as well.
Sample work includes:
On-boarding/Integration Training

  • New company 101
  • Leadership team exposure
  • Communication expectations and routines
  • Change management training
  • Ethics and compliance training
  • Fast Start Functional Meetings training
  • Coaching functional work streams training
  • Performance Management training and implementation

90 Day Assessment

  • Functional Assessment – SWOT analysis of key functions
  • Cultural Audit – survey, focus groups, interviews
  • Talent Assessment
  • Overall talent assessment
  • Key roles and pipeline
  • Top talent uses and retention strategies
  • Plan determined based on the above

We help realize the potential that was identified for the M&A transaction in the first place.

Big Need. “Virtually every acquisition starts as a financial proposition. But once the papers are signed, it becomes a human transaction. The way human beings behave in the two companies determines whether the financial gamble pays off.” The reason most mergers and acquisitions fail is due to the people component.
Plan the Work/Work the Plan. A great integration plan is key to making them work. Our work starts with determining what success would look like and the metrics that will tell us we are on our way. We also look heavily at employee engagement and monitor it closely. We identify what we can learn from the due

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Integrating Mergers and Acquisitions