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Workshop Series: Leadership Lessons Through Horses

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Learning how to be a great leader can happen in a number of places. Gaining leadership lessons in a non-traditional venue can make the learning even more powerful. Leadership Lessons through Horses provides a powerful combination of impactful leadership ideas coupled with a hands-on practicum approach.

Horses like to be led but are quite particular about who they let lead. They are hypersensitive to their environment and react to those around them. They detect feelings and emotions well ahead of actions. This is true for overt and unconscious feelings and actions. All of that applies to working with and leading people as well. To be effective with horses, there are a number of strategies that work well to get them engaged and get the most from them. These strategies parallel effective and proven principles applicable for working with and leading people.

There are 10 key themes that are explored in the workshop:

  1. It’s not about force it’s about influence
  2. Understand who is in front of you and adjust your style
  3. Self-awareness and understanding your own agenda is critical
  4. Repetition and consistency is essential to compete with environmental                                                                                                distractions
  5. Seeing and sensing before knowing are game changers; subtle shifts can                                                                                                        be significant
  6. Much of the times it is about more or less (reins and spurs)
  7. Authenticity or lack of authenticity is felt and known immediately
  8. Respect and trust are the foundation of success
  9. Manage your emotions because the impact is lasting
  10. Sugar cubes work – power of reward and recognition

About the Facilitator: After more than 20 years working with leaders in over 40 countries, Kim Janson has deep expertise in helping people become great leaders. As a horsewoman for over 40 years, including training her two children to compete successfully at the Grand Prix Show Jumping Level, Kim is a seasoned equestrian.  Combining her business training  (Heinz, Hasbro, Bank of America, Bank of Boston) with her training and experience as a behaviorist and her deep knowledge of how to get the most out of horses, Kim has unique insights that have helped leaders be much more impactful in their leadership endeavors. Kim is the CEO of Janson Associates, author of Demystifying Talent Management and coaches and teaches for the Harvard Business School. Cited as one of the most impactful executive coaches leaders have ever worked with, Kim attributes much of her success to her time with the horses and all they have taught her.

Workshop Logistics:
Leadership Lessons Through Horses is 2 days of classroom discussion, demonstration of key ideas with the horses, hands-on practicum and application to issues back on the job. The workshop is held at Zanger Hill Stables in Berkley, MA. www.zangerhillstables.com 

Please call for pricing. The next public workshop will be held September 23 and 24, 2017
Private workshops offered for companies and teams and scheduled independently.
For more information, contact info@jansonassociates.com.