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Integrated. Often these activities are accomplished separately losing their power and effectiveness with the stakeholders not clearly understand how the activities relate to each other. Managers don’t need one more random template arriving in their email box to be completed that doesn’t add tremendous value. In the Bootcamp work, we throw all the pieces on the wall that have anything to do with employees and help you make sense of it all. It should be intuitive and obvious why and how you do things as it relates to employees and we do an excellent job helping managers understand how it all fits.
Bottom-line. The biggest amount of work here is two-fold - managing performance and developing employees. On the performance side, we’ll go deeply into how to set good performance expectations, how to check someone’s performance along the way, and how to evaluate their performance at the end of a performance cycle. On the development side, we’ll look at how to help people develop in the short and long terms.
We can help.

Some examples:
Host a Talent Management Boot Camp in which we work with your managers to help them fully understand the various elements and provide a strong set of tools they can use to be effective
Work with an organization to institute the right work and processes to drive accountability and results while also developing employees short and long term
Manage a succession planning process for a team or a whole organization
Work with HR to coach them on how to fully enable managers in this space
We make this often-complex subject matter simple, easy to implement and a positive impact on your organization.

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Talent Management Bootcamp

One of the most misunderstood, under-skilled areas of opportunities for managers and more broadly, organizations, is to understand what talent management is. The crucial idea here is that become strong at it is a game changer.

Formal definition. Talent management consists of the processes, practices, and activities that managers use in hiring people, determining their compensation, managing their job performance, training and developing them, and planning for replacing them should they leave or be promoted.