"Kind words are very much in order.  All the Board members are grateful for your contribution to the team's success. The relationship (of these two Executive Team Members) is obviously very important to the company's success.  Their shared goals, clarity on each one's roles and desire to be a positive force for the company seem to be at the core of their relationship. Thank you for your superb coaching skills to help make it happen!" ​Client Board of Director Member 

"Kim has approached her work with me with a professionalism akin to that which I was familiar as an intelligence officer. Kim's thoroughness, creativity and diligence in guiding me, supporting me and, when need be, giving me a gentle push have been crucial to my ability to develop and grow a new career. Beyond that, her wise counsel, sound judgement and friendship are of immense value to me and have helped set me on a course towards success on my post-government life." Mark E. Kelton, Former Deputy Director for Counterintelligence, CIA National Clandestine Service 

"In launching my own investment banking and strategic advisory practice after 30 years as a Partner/Senior Executive with high profile financial institutions, I looked to Kim Janson as a true consigliere and guiding force in establishing best practices for both senior and junior personnel hires, in providing judgment about client and transaction selection, and in setting out comprehensive corporate policies to provide a solid foundation for the growth of the business for the years to come. Her tireless energy and passion for my company and dedication to 'getting it right' were unique qualities that are not easily replicated in this industry." Lisbeth R. Barron, Founder, Chariman & CEO of Barron International Group, LLC


"Kim has proven to be an invaluable partner in identifying organizational, team and process dynamics that were impacting our true capability. Her engaging and probing style are a key to helping teams unlock the potential within. She was instrumental in improving our corporate communications, our HR processes, solidifying our brand and mapping out our future. She will be a valued partner at whatever company I am with in our industry. Kurt Berman, Former CEO Michael Baker International 


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"Kim is a brilliant sparring partner. Sharp, to the point, direct, honest. With her reflections and feedback she supported my personal development and the development of my team. Her view truly matters to me".  Jan Kruise, Managing Director,  Central & North & East Europe 


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"Kim’s talent really brings you to the next level. She is the best coach I have ever had, helping me to challenge myself and simply be Better. Kim is very smart, with a strong experience, and the right mindset. And this is exactly what we are looking for ourselves and our teams! "  Jacques Pradels, Managing Director of  Southwest Europe 

"Kim’s equine program is powerful… Many people are realizing that horses offer a new path to learning leadership that overcomes fear  with learning. And because of the high emotions of fear it locks in a meeting visceral learning leading to transformations that no one forgets."  Louise Korver, Head of Executive Education AT&T

“Kim is a delight to work with, she is a leader able to rapidly grasp underlying issues, identify real opportunities and do so with insight and a value creation focus. Kim’s contribution spans the layers of an organization, from the most senior leader to the newly emerging manager, from board room interventions to personal leadership journeys. Incisive, empathetic and above all a skilled and experienced professional with a proven track record of delivery. Kim moves easily between programmed architecture and breathing life into talent development initiatives through ‘one on one’ in depth coaching. Kim is a wealth of knowledge, she collaborates and leads with the same degree of passion and I would partner with her and her colleagues in a heartbeat. For those that seek real, pragmatic and deliverable outcomes backed with the very best organizational development insights you have found the right partner.” Bryce Dyer, Director of Talent & Performance Pacific


"Kim emphasize someone's strengths rather than compensate for weaknesses causing people to accelerate their effectiveness. She also worked incrementally, so I felt more powerful and successful over time."  David Bailin, Managing Director, Global Head of Managed Investments Citi Private Bank


"Insightful, versatile and compelling, Kim is unique in her ability to create impact on --and transform-- the leaders she works with.  She belongs in fact to a rare category of coaches, since she truly is a "leader of leaders" -- as recognized by her own clients.  

Kim's ability to work on a breadth of leadership topics, in a diversity of settings, is unparalleled.  I would genuinely recommend her to any organization that wants (needs!) to  make a significant step change in the depth of its leadership pipeline through the accelerated development of its top talent -- at any level."  Camilo Garcia, Former Global Head of HR for R&D at Novartis Vaccines

"Kim is a tremendous coach with a selfless and courageous approach. Her sole interest is in helping others to truly optimize their potential. She has a unique and very powerful ability to hold a real mirror to an individual and groups, to help them really understand how to excel and then progress rapidly with tangible action plans. As importantly the process doesn't stop there, Kim's follow up and ongoing coaching is of the highest order ensuring that real talent gets unleashed."  Dave Woodward, Former Executive Vice President

"Kim is one of the most talented leadership development professionals I have ever met.  At Heinz, she developed both the strategy to build our pipeline of world-class leaders as well as every component of the roadmap.  She is smart, very good at assessing talent and willing to roll her sleeves up to design and execute critical processes and programs.  She is an outstanding designer and an even better facilitator.  Through and through, Kim is the real deal." Steve Clark, Former SVP & Chief People Officer 

“Kim is a very insightful and effective coach for senior business leaders. She helped me to see myself more clearly & objectively, to embrace my strengths and weaknesses, and to step out of my comfort zone. Kim drew on a variety of tools in assessment, combined with her incredible talent for understanding peoples wiring. She brings a powerful combination of talent, personal warmth, breathtaking directness, and commitment to making a difference.” Matt Hill, Zone President 

"Kim is the best person I worked with in executive development and coaching. She is able to use 'situational skills'  in every aspect of coaching. She assesses the situation through both data collection (e.g. through 360 techniques) as well as her own 'psychological'  observations. On the latter, she has unique skills to read people in a very short period of time. She reads in perfection things like body language, eye language, presentation skills, etc. Kim also has excellent skills in training and developing people. She is an expert trainer in all kinds of leadership topics. And, she is an expert in change management training.  Kim has the unique combination of being able to train  and develop/coach larger groups/teams as well as doing individual executive coaching in a very personalized way. Finally, Kim has a very pleasant personality, easy to access and speak to."  Roel van Neerbos , President Continental Europe

"There are many companies and consultants in the crowded space of talent management.  Not everyone understands the people piece but unfortunately EVERYONE thinks they can do it.  Kim is one of the brightest and most intuitive leaders around understanding talent that I have ever worked with.  Kim was able to globally turn Heinz into a learning organization when no one before her could do that.  Talent across the organization soared under her leadership.  Not only is Kim smart on the 'what and how' but she is also an extremely strong facilitator if you are lucky enough to get her.  On top of all this, she is a talented coach.  These things set Kim apart from the rest."   Darcie Zeliesko, Head of Talent

"Kim is the business partner everyone dreams about. She understands how organizations work and uses her vision to set a roadmap to accomplish bottom line goals. Above all, she cares about the impact of decisions on behalf of her client as well as the people she interacts with on projects and teams. Her experience speaks volumes about her exemplary talents, abilities and expertise. Partnering with Kim on various talent, diversity and change management assignments has translated into success, optimal performance and future potential on a number of levels."  Dani Monroe, President CFI, Author:  Untapped Talent

"Kim is a brilliant sparring partner. Sharp, to the point, direct, honest. With her reflections and feedback she supported my personal development and the development of my team. Her view truly matters to me".    Jan Kruise, Managing Director of  Central & North & East Europe