Demystifying Talent Management: Managing should be fun. Employees should come to work inspired and ready to do their best work. We often get in the way of that. This workshop will teach you what the big picture of an integrated approach to talent management and development looks like and then the strategies on how to execute that picture (read more)

Becoming Top Talent:"Top Talent" are those who have been identified as the people in an organization to are most worthy of job promotions, special assignments, compensation, development, etc. What does it take to become one of those people? We can help you understand what it takes and how to get there (read more)

Managing People Well:Learning how to manage people well has a huge impact not only on the directs being managed but on other team members, the leader, the community, the products, people’s families, etc. The ripple effect of doing this well (or not well) is tremendous (read more)

Becoming a Great Leader: Leading people requires a higher level skill set but the great news is it is a very learnable set of skills. What do people want in a leader? Typically it is someone who inspires them, gets them to see the bigger picture, and someone who understands their unique situation and approaches them at that level. That work begins with understanding yourself (read more)

How to Win: Many people want to win but haven't really learned the keys to winning consistently (read more)

Presentation Skills: the ability to get your idea across to others in a clear, consistent and engaging way is an essential tool for successful people. There are specific strategies to help one be very successful when presenting (read more)

Increasing Personal Effectiveness Through Horsemanship: Winston Churchill once said, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” Horses touch people in ways that are unlike any other. There is even some emerging research that correlates emotional intelligence with horsemanship (read more)

Learning to Coach: Becoming a great coach isn’t difficult but does require a specific set of behaviors, skills and significant commitment. Kim is a world renowned coach and has developed many people into stellar coaches (read more)

Train-the-Trainer: Often learning interventions are completely off the mark based on the environment or the lack of skills on the instructor’s part. This program provides the knowledge and skills on how to create a superior learning or training event (read more)

Emotional Intelligence (full and half day): This workshop is designed to help participants understand what EI is and the role it plays in making one more effective (read more)

Custom Programs: In addition to the workshops listed above, Janson Associates also offers custom programs. Read more for examples of previously created custom programs (read more)


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