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At Janson Associates, we have over 25 years of experience transforming individuals, teams, executives, and companies worldwide. Let us help you unleash your potential today.



Over 25 years experience coaching leaders to unleash their potential. Your business is unique. Your executives are unique. We design and create coaching programs that are unique to you.

Top talent wins the game for organizations. It’s that simple. The trick is to find and hire the right talent so you have a strong base from which to develop them to reach their potential. 

Good strategic plans require the ability to look at something from a systems-level perspective. It requires balancing looking long term, driving decision making, and building a plan with good metrics. 


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Workshop For Managers

This workshop demystifies the skill of how to manage well and takes a very common-sense approach that leads to repeatable success.


Becoming Top Talent

This workshop explains top talent attributes, gives examples, and gives tips on how to develop these attributes within yourself. 

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Emotional Intelligence

This workshop is designed to help participants understand EI and the role it plays in making one more effective.

Experience You Can Count On

Dr. Kim Janson is the President and CEO of Janson Associates, a firm dedicated to “unleashing people’s potential globally."

Kim is the author of Demystifying Talent Management, the winner of the Axiom Book Award. She also is a principal contributor to Forbes as a member of the Forbes Coaching Council and Boston Business Journal as a member of their Leadership Trust. She has two books soon to be published - Determining Leadership Potential and Becoming Top Talent. 

Janson Associates works with firms from start-up level to Fortune 100 companies across all industries. Dr. Janson has been on the ground working with leadership teams in over 40 countries for more than 25 years. 

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Dr. Kimberly Janson

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President & CEO

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