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Published Articles

Read Dr. Kimberly Janson's insight shared across platforms such as Yahoo Finance, USA Today, Forbes, Wealth Insider, Training Industry, and more!

Expert Panel Contributions

Dr. Kimberly Janson shares her expert opinion on various topics on Forbes' Expert Panel and The Boston Business Journal Expert Panel. 

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Determining Leadership Potential

Determining Leadership Potential aims to close that gap and enable people to understand vital criteria necessary to determine leadership potential. This is a book predicated on a conceptual framework called the Leadership Blueprint, a highly effective tool for understanding and determining leadership potential, and one that is adaptable to various organizational levels and jobs.

This book is a combination of science, academic research, and 40+ years of practitioner experience in companies and universities from over 50 countries. You will find facts, results of relevant research projects, and humor. We will provide insights from our personal experiences to illustrate various points. 

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Demystifying Talent Management

Demystifying Talent Management offers practical advice for all managers, HR professionals, senior leaders, and other employees on how to work together to build a talented and motivated workforce. 

The book addresses performance, development, coaching, feedback, compensation, and other elements of people management. By taking a 360-degree point of view, the book reveals how each stakeholder views the elements of people management, what they need from each element, and what confusion and conflicts arise among the stakeholders, limiting people’s potential. Using simple, straightforward language, Kim Janson tells you how you can avoid the confusion and conflicts.

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