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Talent Management

​Many companies believe their people are their most important asset, but fail to actualize this rhetoric. We help companies increase business execution capability by ensuring the right people are doing the right things in the right way to support the company’s strategic objectives.



Top talent is the foundation of every successful organization. It’s that simple. The secret is to seek out the right talent. Talent acquisition is much more than just simply hiring for the current need. Developing a talent acquisition strategy is key to future success and reducing risk such as turnovers, poor culture, lower productivity, and wasted resources. 

It’s an incredible number of people who think they are good at hiring, but fall short of having an effective talent acquisition strategy. Janson Associates hold expertise in this field and can create powerful processes to ensure you have the right people in the right roles.

Talent Assessment

CEOs and Boards of Directors across the world will tell you that identifying and developing top talent is essential for their business to succeed, yet there remains significant gaps in their leadership bench.  


Janson Associates is skilled at assessing talent quickly and efficiently. By spending time with an individual, we can immediately identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. Additionally, our cutting-edge research on determining leadership potential educates leaders on how and what to look for when hiring talent.

Performance Management

The cornerstone of many successful organizations is an effective performance management system. Having clarity on what is expected of you and receiving feedback on how you are doing increases your likelihood of success. In our book, Demystifying Talent Management, we emphasize the power of getting good at having “the five conversations”. At Janson Associates, we help leaders get strong at having these five types of strategic conversations with team members. 


  1. The “What do you need to do” conversation (goals)

  2. The “What do you need to work on” conversation (development)

  3. The “How you are doing” conversations (coaching and feedback)

  4. The “How did you do” conversation (performance review)

  5. The “Money” conversation


We help right size performance management activities and develop real competence in the five conversations. Not only does the research prove it, but our extensive experience and success in this line of work has shown the impact of effective talent management systems.

Talent & Succession Planning

Succession planning should start with the company's strategic direction, followed by answering the question, “Who in our talent pool can help us execute this strategy?” It’s important to do this work to identify and leverage both top talent and high potentials and create engagement for them. There are many people who feel underutilized and under-challenged in their organizations, and this work helps solve for that.


It’s important to assess and plan at the functional level (ex. Finance overall), the position level (ex. Controller), and the employee level (ex. Jane Smith), and work all three into interconnected plans. We can help build your competence to undertake these tasks or we can conduct these tasks for you on your behalf.

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