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    Managers make or break the employee experience. Being a great manager isn’t hard, but it takes a particular level of commitment and certain kinds of skills. Often, elements around people-related things seem disconnected in a business. The focus is often placed on the completion of a task, rather than the real impact of said task. The Talent Management Workshop is for managers, HR folks and employees who are looking to fundamentally understand the various elements around people management and people development. This 2-day workshop focuses on the five important conversations that should be happening in the workplace: The “What do I need to do” conversation The “How am I doing” conversation The “How did I do” conversation The “How can I grow” conversation The “Money” conversation By gaining exposure to various tools and ideas on how to make these conversations successful, people will see higher engagements and an enhanced capability to achieve outstanding results. Managing should be fun, and employees should be inspired to do their best work. This workshop will teach you an integrated approach to talent management and development strategies needed to effectively execute people management and to foster a positive employee experience. This interactive workshop emphasizes learning, immediate application and discussion on how to apply these tools when on your own. Dr. Janson is world renown for her ability to create dynamic learning environments that people really enjoy. She is an expert in the area of how to get the most from people and how to do this systematically in an organization. In this workshop you’ll learn: - What performance is needed and expected, and how to focus on the right things and then translate these strategy insights into individual performance. - What it means to measure and track progress, simply and clearly. - What you can, and should do, to help foster an individual’s development. - How to narrow your focus to improve skills, knowledge, or experience. - How to tap into what fuels people’s fire and speak their language to make things work better and faster. - How coaching and feedback are essential for bringing all elements of talent management together. - How to take both an individual’s profile and the direction of the organization into account in career development and succession planning. - How to make compensation a true driver of results in whatever currency you want to use (financial, public accolades, and feedback amongst other currencies). Length: Two Days
    Purpose: “Top Talent” are those who have been identified as the people in an organization who are most worthy of job promotions, special assignments, compensation, development, and more. What’s special about these folks? Why are some people supported to do bigger things in organizations, and others aren’t? When two people have similar jobs and experience, why does one get support over another? The reality is that these folks do have very specific characteristics that have been demonstrated repeatedly and reliably over time. In her over 25 years of experience working with senior teams and Board of Directors, Dr. Kim Janson has been at the center of talent conversations around the world. Through those discussions, a clear pattern has emerged as to what attributes are common amongst those who are determined to be “Top Talent." Audience: Any individual looking to raise their game. Content: This workshop examines the specific attributes that deem someone top talent. This workshop explains each of the attributes, gives examples, and gives tips on how to develop these attributes within yourself. These attributes are such that you can develop them to position yourself as a stronger contributor. Through exercises and discussions, we will troubleshoot just how to further develop these insights. This workshop is based off of Dr. Kim Janson’s book – Becoming Top Talent. Length: One Day
    Purpose: Learning how to manage people well impacts team members, the leader, the community, the products, people’s families, amongst others. The ripple effect of doing this well (or not well) is tremendous. The Managing People Workshop demystifies the skill of how to manage well and takes a very common-sense approach that leads to repeatable success. Audience: Whether you are a first time or a seasoned manager in need of brushing up on some skills, this program can help you get more from your employees, achieve even better business results and help you learn how to enjoy your role as a manager. Content: This course and the coaching that comes along with it will help you gain skills in the following areas: Expectations of a manager. How to manage performance – Setting goals, navigating the course and evaluating results Coaching and feedback Management routines for effectiveness Building good relationships with your employees Avoiding trouble spots Follow up: Each participant receives a personal phone coaching session two to three weeks post workshop. This session is to ask for feedback or ask questions regarding the application of key concepts and tools respective to each participant’s own situation. Preparatory work: - 360 Assessment - DiSC Style Instrument - Preparatory readings Length: Three Days
    Purpose: Leading people requires a higher level skill set. The great news is that this skill set is very learnable. What do people want in a leader? Typically it is someone who inspires them, gets them to see the bigger picture, and someone who understands their unique situation and approaches them at their level. That work begins with understanding yourself. With that understanding, you can apply strategies to engage people in a much deeper way. This program helps you to gain clarity about your leadership approach and provides you with tools and techniques for you to help others achieve higher levels of success. Audience: Managers or leaders who are competent in managing people but want to achieve a much higher level of impact with their teams or the people around them. Content: This course will help you gain expertise in the following areas: Understanding your own leadership style Developing your leadership brand Learning how to inspire Communicating with impact Learning how to assess individuals Building relationships Preparatory work: - 360 Assessment - Hogan Executive Assessment - Preparatory readings Length: Three Days
    Purpose: Many people want to win but haven't learned how to do so consistently. This full-day workshop teaches you strategies to propel you towards success. Audience: Any person looking to enhance their skills and techniques related to optimizing personal success. Content: This course will help you gain expertise in the following areas: Understanding the dynamics of a winning mindset Understanding how you perceive yourself Techniques and strategies on positive thinking and mental discipline The Art of goal setting How to practice well How to effectively solicit and assimilate constructive feedback Celebrating Personal action planning Preparatory work: - Complete questionnaire - Preparatory readings Length: One Day
    Purpose: The ability to get your idea across to others in a clear, consistent, and engaging way is an essential tool for successful people. There are specific strategies to help one be successful when presenting. The format of this workshop– teaching, practicing, videotaping, reviewing, feedback, and then practicing again – allows for participants to truly master techniques to improve their skills. Audience: Anyone looking to gain confidence in public speaking and wanting to become a more powerful presenter. Content: This course will help you gain expertise in the following areas: Elements of a powerful presenting experience Helping you craft and articulate your story Practicing practice Communicating clearly and purposefully Working with and for the audience Learning to laugh, and accurately read the audience while presenting How to keep making your presentations better Preparatory work: - Completion of "Presentation History" assessment - Audit and assessment of video presentation homework Length: Two days with a maximum of 10 people per session
    Purpose: Horses touch people in ways that are unlike any other. There is emerging research that associates people having higher levels of emotional intelligence with people who have strong horsemanship skills. People can learn much about themselves and how they operate as a result of working with horses. Participants will be able to increase their effectiveness in an identified area (relationship building, presentation skills, confidence building, coaching, and more) by working with and applying some basic techniques while having a memorable experience working with horses. Post workshop coaching helps participants apply lessons learned during the session. Audience: Individuals looking to increase their effectiveness in an identified area such as relationship building, presentation skills, confidence building, coaching, and more. Content: This course will help you gain expertise in the following areas: Leadership lessons learned from working with horses Addressing your area of improvement through an understanding of important horsemanship fundamentals Techniques on improving your area of concern Practicing your area of improvement with the horse Applying what has been learned to real life Preparatory work: - Preparatory readings Length: Two half-day sessions with a coaching session following each workshop session. Maximum of six people per session
    Purpose: Receiving great coaching can impact performance, careers, and general improvement. Becoming a great coach isn’t difficult but does require a specific set of behaviors, skills, and significant commitment. Dr. Kim Janson is a world-renowned coach who has developed many leaders into stellar coaches. Audience: Anyone with formal or informal people management or development responsibilities who wants to help people reach higher levels of performance. Content: This course will help you gain expertise in the following areas: Elements of coaching Developing your coaching style Coaching strategies Identifying and applying correct strategies Practicing coaching Preparatory work: - Coaching assessment - Preparatory readings Length: 1 ½ Days
    Purpose: Creating a powerful learning experience takes specific activities and techniques. This program provides the knowledge and skills on how to create superior learning or training events. Audience: For anyone who has the responsibility of assisting in training or instructing a new skill, knowledge or behavior. Content: Participants receive key information and are then required to practice skills demonstrated. Participants receive both instructor and peer feedback on what worked and ideas on how to approach situations differently. This course will help you gain skills in the following areas: Understanding of what a successful learning situation entails Quick primer on adults; how they learn and what you need to know Creating positive dynamics Fundamental facilitation skills Getting the most from participants Handling challenging behaviors Facilitating fun while learning Preparatory work: - 360 Assessment - Hogan Executive Assessment - Preparatory readings Length: Two Days
    Full Day Session Purpose: What makes for a better leader? Why does one person have better results and client relationships than another? Many of the answers to these questions lie in the area of Emotional Intelligence (EI). EI is a game-changer for high performing companies, teams, and individuals. It is often the differentiating factor between success and failures in the workplace. This workshop is designed to help participants understand EI and the role it plays in making one more effective. Participants will complete an in-class assessment to determine their level of EI, along with mapping their previous knowledge of their MBTI style. This MBTI style will be correlated with the EI score to make individuals more aware of their own emotions, behaviors, and those of others. Exercising the ideas from the assigned pre-reading book, participants will gain tangible ideas about how to apply EI to sales and client relationships. Content: Defining and understanding emotional intelligence (EI) Exploring the five components of EI - Self-awareness, self-regulation, internal motivation, empathy and social skills Where is my EI? – Assessment and debrief Leverage MBTI style to enhance EI Using EI to improve client relationships Linking EI to increased sales How to increase impulse control for better questioning and listening; the EI skills related to likability and trust How empathy leads to bigger sales conversations and more effective solutions How emotional intelligence can improve prospecting efforts The EI skills shared by top sales producers; and much more This Workshop uses a combination of small group discussions and large group presentation of ideas. Each idea is discussed in the context of the business and specific tips and tools are offered in each area. Results from the EI Assessment, the MBTI and key insights from assigned readings are integrated into the discussion from start to finish. Length: One Day Half Day Session Purpose: EI at work is about how people and relationships function. By developing insight into your own emotions and behaviors and those of others, you can increase your ability to better manage yourself and better influence others, yielding positive results.This workshop helps participants understand what EI is, why it is important, and provides strategies to enhance competence in EI. Content: Understanding EI Exploring each of the components of EI Self-awareness Self-regulation Internal motivation Empathy Social skills Identifying specific ways to practice and improve in each of the five EI areas This Workshop uses a combination of small group discussions and large group presentation of ideas. Each idea is discussed in the context of the business and specific tools and tips are offered in each area.
    In addition to pre-packaged programs, workshops in the following areas have previously been designed for specific clients and can be done to suit your learning needs. Merger and Acquisition Transition Workshops for Leaders Navigating a Transition for Employees Project Management Corporate Conduct Sexual Harassment Negotiating Skills Finance for Non-Financial Managers Giving Feedback Communicating Effectively Relationship Building Planning Performance and Goal Setting Inspirational Leadership Evaluating Employee Performance Conflict Resolution Team Development Engaging and Motivating Employees Understanding and Working with Different Personality Styles Problem Solving and Decision Making Building the Talent Pipeline & Developing Succession Plans Change Management Career Development Mentoring Launching Our Values


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