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"Insightful, versatile and compelling, Kim is unique in her ability to create impact on --and transform-- the leaders she works with.  She belongs in fact to a rare category of coaches, since she truly is a "leader of leaders" -- as recognized by her own clients.  Kim's ability to work on a breadth of leadership topics, in a diversity of settings, is unparalleled.”

Camilo Garcia
VP, HR Global Executive Partner
Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Organization Optimization

"Kim is absolutely great -- she is insightful, focused and action-oriented in the leadership she provided, both for individual development as well as strengthening our broader team.  I would work with her again in a heartbeat."

Cary Grace
Chair of the Board
The Chicago Network

"Kim is a brilliant sparring partner. Sharp, to the point, direct, honest. With her reflections and feedback, she supported my personal development and the development of my team. Her view truly matters to me.”

Dave Mitchell
The Leadership Difference, Inc.

"Kim emphasizes someone's strengths rather than compensate for weaknesses causing people to accelerate their effectiveness. She also worked incrementally, so I felt more powerful and successful over time."

David Bailin
Chief Investment Office and Managing Director
Citi Private Bank
Organization Optimization

“Kim’s experience, can-do attitude and accessibility were an absolute game changer for my company.  After supporting the company as an executive coach, Kim’s role soon expanded to support multiple organizations within my firm to include HR and Sales.  Not only did Kim drive much needed change across our firms Culture, she played an integral part in establishing an effective communications strategy and redefining the way we thought about Talent Management.  Kim’s ability to think strategically as well as create tactical execution plans for success are immensely beneficial and I highly recommend Janson Associates to anyone looking to drive cultural change across their organization.”

David Page
Swift International

“I’ve seen Kim impact two different organizations in such positive and meaningful ways.  Some of Kim’s greatest strengths include her ability to provide valuable insights across a wide range of activities, provide honest and actionable feedback, and build trust.  When working with individuals as an executive coach, she effectively gained insights on how to help not only the individual, but the organization, improve.  She helped me become a better leader and peer, and remains an amazing thought partner for me.  She is invested in making organizations not just better, but world class.  Her wide range of experience allows her to communicate and work effectively with Boards, CEOs, and other levels of management on a wide range of organizational assignments.”

Ernie Freedman
Invitation Homes

“Kim is by far the best executive coach and talent partner with whom I have worked.  She has helped transform our senior management team from a team of leaders into a leadership team with high trust and collaboration at its foundation.  On an individual level, through my work with Kim, I am not only a better professional leader, I am a better spouse, parent, and human being.  My only regret is not finding her earlier in my career.”

Jennifer Johnson

“I’ve been working with Kim as my executive coach for the past three years and she has been instrumental in my growth as a leader and President of a global company.  We all need someone to help us uncover our blind spots and make us think deeply about the impact we have on our organization and people – Kim does exactly this and isn’t afraid to be firm with me if I don’t get it!  She challenges me to think about how to address complex problems from perspectives I wouldn’t previously consider.  Most importantly, she has taught me the concept of having head, heart, and guts (not just one or two) to have the highest impact as a leader.  The best athletes have coaches, it only makes sense for leaders to have strong coaches as well and Kim has played that role so well for me over the last three years.”

Jyoti Gupta
Volk Optical
Organization Optimization

“Kim has proven to be an invaluable partner in identifying organizational, team and process dynamics that were impacting our true capability. Her engaging and probing style are a key to helping teams unlock the potential within. She was instrumental in improving our corporate communications, our HR processes, solidifying our brand and mapping out our future. She will be a valued partner at whatever company I am with in our industry.”

Kurt Berman
Chairman and CEO
AEC Portfolio

“Put simply, if you are serious about your personal development and want to work with an elite executive coach to accelerate and optimize your growth, you can do no better than selecting Kim.  Kim’s approach is insightful, tailored, specific, and direct.  She knows how to get the most out of each person with whom she works.  And she makes some of the most difficult learnings palatable, practical, and actionable. She has held up a mirror to my areas of opportunity and missteps and has shown me how to be better next time…in a way that makes me want to succeed.  No excuses.  I am grateful for everything she has taught me, and I know that I would not be where I am…and continuing to improve at the rate I am…without her good humor, her tenacity, and her incisive analysis.”

Lisa Cohn
General Counsel
EVP Aimco

"Kim has approached her work with me with a professionalism akin to that which I was familiar as an intelligence officer. Kim's thoroughness, creativity and diligence in guiding me, supporting me and, when need be, giving me a gentle push have been crucial to my ability to develop and grow a new career. Beyond that, her wise counsel, sound judgement and friendship are of immense value to me and have helped set me on a course towards success on my post-government life."

Mark E. Kelton
Former Deputy Director for Counterintelligence
CIA National Clandestine Service
Organization Optimization

"Kim is the best person I worked with in executive development and coaching. She is able to use 'situational skills' in every aspect of coaching. She assesses the situation through both data collection as well as her own 'psychological' observations. On the latter, she has unique skills to read people in a very short period of time. She reads in perfection things like body language, eye language, presentation skills, etc. Kim has the unique combination of being able to train and develop/coach larger groups/teams as well as doing individual executive coaching in a very personalized way."

Roel van Neerbos
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