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About Janson Associates

A Firm Dedicated to Unleashing People's Potential Globally

At Janson Associates, we are all about winning. We deliver results for every area of your organization or you individually one-on-one to help you achieve your personal and business goals. We have worked with clients from around the globe across countless industries to fine-tune processes and drive organizational change. Our proven strategies are innovative,  actionable, and measurable. 

Our Culture

Janson Associates values resiliency, perseverance and transparency above all else. Respectful and open lines of communication are the only way we deliver high-impact performance and results, which is why our team is well equipped for having direct, honest, and insightful conversations. We are committed to your success and will work strategically to ensure that success.

Whether you are seeking a solution to a problem or are keen on further optimizing what is already working, elevating your outcomes is our passion. Accountability is a primary objective in helping both our team and our clients excel. With our vast experience, we provide, perspective, clarity, insights and solutions all the while challenging you and your team to grow.

Striving to do more and be more is a priority. However, we celebrate the value of balance and levity. Life is too short to only be successful and not enjoy the ride. In addition to developing powerful solutions, we will laugh and have fun with you and your team along the way.

Meet The CEO

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Dr. Kimberly Janson

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President & CEO

Dr. Kim Janson is the President and CEO of Janson Associates, a firm dedicated to “unleashing people’s potential globally."

Kim is the author of Demystifying Talent Management, the winner of the Axiom Book Award. She also is a principal contributor to Forbes as a member of the Forbes Coaching Council and Boston Business Journal as a member of their Leadership Trust. 

Dr. Janson has been on the ground working with leadership teams in over 40 countries for more than 25 years. She is considered a premier executive coach, and is a Board of Advisors Member for the College of Business at the University of Rhode Island. Kim also sits on the Advisory Board for Veritas Investments, and is a Board Member for Northcentral University’s Center for the Advancement of Virtual Organizations (CAVO). Kim is also a Board of Trustee Member for St. Mary’s Academy - Bay View Academy, an all-girls college prep institution.

Our Mission

 We raise the effectiveness of organizations, individuals or groups. Our strengths include the ability to quickly assess and diagnose a situation, determine strengths, developmental areas and a plan of action. We have a proven record of positive and sustained impact on individual growth, business effectiveness, and financial performance.

Janson Associates is dedicated to the success of individuals, teams and companies at large. For this reason we provide a 100% money back guarantee.​

Sample Clients

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