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Determining Leadership Potential

Powerful, thought-proven research aimed at enabling people to understand vital criteria necessary to determine leadership potential.

The Purpose of This Research

Can you think of a leader who shouldn’t be in her/his current role because of a lack of the necessary components to lead well? Worse yet, do you know of leaders who display traits that literally wreak havoc in organizations? Of course you can! We all can!


The sad reality in many organizations is there are “leaders” such as these in critical positions who simply should not be in a leadership role at all. The consequences of this dynamic are typically significant, even disastrous.


Organizations and their leaders thus require more effective training and resources if we are to finally put an end to this weak-leadership madness and once and for all improve each organization’s ability to properly predict who would likely be the very best choices to provide outstanding leadership in this or that firm’s future.


This research aims to close that gap and enable people to understand the vital criteria necessary to determining true leadership potential. In that way, we can change the state of leadership today for the better.

Coming Soon! 

Determining Leadership Potential: Powerful Insights to Winning at the Talent Game

This book aims to close this knowledge gap and enable people to understand vital criteria necessary to determine leadership potential. This is a book predicated on a conceptual framework called the Leadership Blueprint, a highly effective tool for understanding and determining leadership potential, and one that is adaptable to various organizational levels and jobs. It consists of three categories that must be considered when determining potential: Foundation, Growth, and Career.

This book is a combination of science, academic research, and 25+ years of practitioner experience in companies and universities from over 50 countries. You will find facts, results of relevant research projects, and humor. We will provide insights from our personal experiences to illustrate various points.


Stay tuned to learn more!

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