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Demystifying Talent Management

Winner of the Axiom Business Book Award

The idea of unleashing people’s potential by giving them good input and stretching them to new levels can be very heady stuff. When you experience, as I have, the collective impact of everyone in an organization performing at the highest level and truly working TOGETHER, you would be amazed at what can happen when the constraints that organizations put on their own people are removed. The results can be extraordinary. 

— Kimberly Janson

Demystifying Talent Management offers practical advice for all managers, HR professionals, senior leaders, and other employees on how to work together to build a talented and motivated workforce. 

The book addresses performance, development, coaching, feedback, compensation, and other elements of people management. By taking a 360-degree point of view, the book reveals how each stakeholder views the elements of people management, what they need from each element, and what confusion and conflicts arise among the stakeholders, limiting people’s potential. Using simple, straightforward language, Kim Janson tells you how you can avoid the confusion and conflicts.

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Praise For Demystifying Talent Management

"Over the last nearly 20 years of working with organizations of all sizes and industries, I have never been more impressed with an approach to talent management as I have been with the the systems that Kimberly Janson has installed.  Practical, insightful, simple and yet immensely effective; Kimberly's designs and her leadership have benefitted all levels of the organization.  She is an impressive professional and I am so glad she has shared her work so others can experience her models."

Dave Mitchell, Founder/President, the Leadership
Difference, Inc.

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